“There are many causes of concrete deterioration and most of these involve either the movement of moisture or the movement of species, such as chlorides and sulfates, dissolved in the water. Generally, the greater the resistance of the concrete to the movement of water, the lower its permeability and the greater its resistance to deterioration.”Portland Cement Association Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures, 15th ed. p. 173

SCP provides solutions that restrict the movement of the moisture and species (chemicals).


Concrete can last decades longer when water and contaminates cannot move through the concrete. Concrete is used globally due to its versatile nature. Concrete can be molded in to virtually any shape. Concrete is strong in compression. Reinforcement is used in concrete because of its ability to help concrete in tension. All concrete has a major concern on its durability and longevity.

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SCP products allow for hard scheduling of flooring. Whether new construction flooring or an existing space, moisture problems are one of the biggest concerns for flooring installers and for the building’s owners. Floor moisture can lead to being more than just an eyesore. Left without being corrected, more problems can arise. There are solutions for these problems.

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SCP Technology can waterproof the concrete matrix. Many people view concrete as being solid and not having concerns of water movement through the concrete. Concrete cracks, joints, openings, and penetrations should have some way to stop water ingress. Unfortunately, the concrete matrix is often overlooked. Connected pore structures and bleedwater channels create pathways for water to travel.

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SCP technology features include:

    Concrete Durability
    • Reduces development of corrosion conditions
    • Enhanced resistance to salt and/ or chemical attack
    • Enhanced freeze-thaw resistance

    • New Concrete
    • Existing Concrete
    • Positive or negative side application

    Other Characteristics
    • Time-of-placement enhanced curing
    • Does not affect surface bond
    • Efflorescence reduction
Spray-Lock Concrete Protection (SCP) technology offers cost-effective protection solutions that meet the demands of today’s fast-track construction process. SCP technology is often used as a superior curing medium. Testing has shown that SCP treatment performs equal to or better than 28-day moist cured samples. User safe with zero VOC content. SCP technology is a one-time application that can be used on any uncoated architectural or structural concrete. After proper preparation and treatment with SCP technology, new or existing concrete slabs, walls, structural elements, and overhead applications are permanently protected.

SCP manufactures spray-applied concrete products that penetrate into the accessible concrete capillaries and pore structure to protect the concrete from contaminants.