327 Label

SCP 327 Moisture Management

SCP 327 is a pre-mixed, spray-applied treatment that penetrates into Portland cement concrete substrates at the time of placement. SCP 327 provides permanent concrete protection and waterproofing from the inside out, leaving no surface residue, while providing the optimal conditions for concrete curing and flooring applications. SCP 327 is a one-time application that manages moisture in concrete. SCP 327 works within the concrete allowing for construction practices, such as anchor bolt placement, to be performed without compromising the moisture control.

Tested in general accordance with ASTM E 96; EN 12390-8

578 Label

SCP 578 Moisture Mitigation

SCP 578 is a penetrating concrete treatment that is spray-applied on existing concrete. SCP 578 is frequently used as an alternative to traditional epoxy moisture mitigation. SCP 578 is formulated to penetrate into a prepped, clean, porous surface. SCP 578 is a one-time application moisture management product that does not need to be re-applied for the life of the concrete. SCP 578 works within the concrete, demolition of existing flooring or other construction practices can be performed without compromising the moisture control.

Tested in general accordance with ASTM E 96; EN 12390-8

Floor Moisture Control

Floor moisture and moisture vapor can be cause for concern for your flooring. Whether you have are looking to have a new slab placed or have an existing slab that may be decades old. Spray-Lock Concrete Protection (SCP) technology offers the quickest and most cost-effective protection solutions that meet the demands of floor moisture concern and today’s fast-track construction process. SCP products allow flooring to be successfully installed in as little as 14 days after SCP application with no moisture-related failure problems in structurally sound concrete. No more delays for floor moisture testing. SCP technology saves costly flooring/surfacing remediation and leaves no topical residue. Once in the concrete, SCP products fill capillaries and shut down liquid water movement and reduce water vapor transmission to acceptable levels for flooring installation.

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® technology is unique with over 40-years proven performance.